Step 1 - Checklist

Select a Retailer

Booking reference*:

*Only one booking reference per application

Please confirm the date you returned from your holiday or the intended date of return. We need this date to make sure that your application has been made in time. You must submit this application to Hunt ADR within 18 months of the return journey or the intended date of return.

Date of departure and return:

Step 2 - Your details

Please provide your full contact details. If your contract/booking with the company is held under a different name (e.g. married name) please provide those details, along with contact details.

Full name:

Street Address:





E-mail address:

Step 3 - Representation

Full name:


Street Address:





E-mail address:

I hereby give my authority for the above named person to represent me

Your Name:


Step 4 - Holiday Details

What was the total cost of the holiday as shown on the invoice?

Please enter the number of people who are part of your contract, including yourself.
(The number on the same booking reference as you):

* You confirm these people are listed under the above booking.

Step 5 - Dispute details

You MUST provide details of the issues in dispute in the box below. This information will be sent to the Arbitrator assigned to your case so it is important that you provide clear and informative information.


Step 5.1 - Issues in Dispute

Tell us what services or actions you remain in dispute with the company about and why:

If completed incorrectly then Hunt ADR may reject the claim.

Step 5.2 - Settlement offers

Has any cash offer of settlement been made?

Yes No

If yes, what was the amount?

Step 5.3 - Compensation or goodwill payments

Have you received any compensation or goodwill payments from the company?

Have you returned any compensation or goodwill payments because you have applied for Arbitration or for any other reason?

Yes No

If yes, what was the amount?

If yes, on what date did you refund it to the company?

Step 6 - Compensation Claimed

Please provide details of the compensation that you would like the respondent to provide. Failure to give full details may result in your claim being rejected in part or in full. The maximum claim you can make under the scheme is £25000, limited to £5,000 per person. If your claim contains an amount for personal injury/illness this is limited to £1,500 per person.
PLEASE NOTE; the personal injury/illness element cannot be the majority of the claim.

N.B If the holiday was a package holiday, the accommodation part of the holiday won’t be the full amount that you paid for the holiday, as part of the overall cost may include the cost of flights, inclusive excursions, transport, meals or other services which may be a significant proportion of the overall holiday price. Remember that it’s unusual to get the whole holiday cost back. Only if the holiday was a total disaster from start to finish or if your disappointment and expenses were very substantial can you expect a full refund.

Step 6.1 - Claim particulars

Please break down your claim by providing details of each item you wish to claim for, why, and how much. Without a total claim (in £ Sterling) your application will be returned, and once submitted, the amount claimed cannot be changed. DO NOT say things such as 50% of holiday cost.

Claim (item) particulars Total claim £

Please continue on a separate sheet if required but ensure that the total amount you are claiming is completed in the box below. Ensure that any claim is made in £ Sterling and no other currency.

Total Claimed:

(Maximum permitted is £25,000, limited to £5,000 per person)

Step 7 - Application fee

In order to process your application, you will need to pay an administration fee to Hunt ADR, which applies, to your claim. Please tick the corresponding box and level of application fee applicable to your case

Step 8 - Declaration

I/We apply for the appointment of an arbitrator in accordance with the arbitration agreement set out in my/our booking form with the respondent to determine the dispute between me/us and the respondent.

I/We agree and understand that:

  • The arbitrator’s award is final and binding subject to the rights of appeal under respondent's Arbitration Scheme Appeals Procedure 2018 and our rights of appeal to the Courts.
  • I/We understand that payment will be due to Hunt ADR when I/we submit this application. Failure to pay will render my application invalid and it will be rejected by Hunt ADR.
  • If the respondent has previously made a payment to me/us as an offer of settlement, I/we confirm that I/we have returned the payment to the respondent Member.
  • I/We also agree to be bound by respondent’s Arbitration Scheme Rules 2018 and understand that Arbitration is a confidential process and I/we will not, at any time, disclose to any person any details of the Arbitration, unless it is to enforce the Award.
  • I/we declare that I/we am/are authorised to receive monies ordered by an arbitrator’s award, and that I/ we have read and understood the scheme rules and guidance notes.

I/We declare that:

  • I/We am/are authorised to sign the form as claimant and to do so on behalf of the people under their booking reference and that they consent to us processing the information about them, including any more sensitive information.
  • I/We consent to us including all information submitted as part of your application.

Please note that we do not need copies of your passport, medical reports, bank statements or other more sensitive personal data unless it is directly related to your application.

We will only use the personal information we collect to process your application and to check on the level of service we provide.

We will keep personal information contained in arbitration files in line with our retention policy. This means that information relating to an application will be retained for six months from closure.

For more information on how we process your data please refer to our full Privacy Notice available on .

I/We believe that the facts stated in this application and claim form are true.



Step 9 - Payment

Please Tick the box if billing address is same as provided in Step 2
Billing Address
Billing Post Code
Billing City
Billing County